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Beyond open access: Exciting new strategies for science communication

Thursday 26th October, 1:30 PM UTC

Drawing on 10 years of experience in the scholarly communications industry, Satyajit Rout currently heads the Research Communication portfolio at Editage, where he works with publishers, universities, academic societies, funders, and scientists to drive research impact by using enhanced content (graphical, audio, and audio-visual) formats AND by un-complicating science through jargon-free communication.

Satyajit Rout
Head, Research Communication Services, Editage

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@ Dr. B Sevinç MESBAH
Asst. Prof., School of Foreign Languages ,
Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey


It was an excellent training full of information on how to write a scientific article. The examples used in the presentation were very good.

@ Onur Sercinoglu
Research Assistant, Bioengineering Department ,Marmara University


@ Azade Yelten
Research Assistant, Materials Engineering , Istanbul Technical University



I gained valuable information about research publication process and oral presentation at Editage workshop

I found the workshop really beneficial. I hope to attend all workshops of Editage within Turkey! Thank you.

Why do authors choose to publish open access? In an ongoing survey by Editage Insights, many authors cite the main reason as “to increase research outreach”. But with more and more research papers being published every year, and more authors choosing the open access route than before, even open access is not enough to give your research the exposure it needs. Moreover, as a scientist, publication is no longer the end of your research lifecycle. It’s increasingly important for you to find ways to make your research stand out and show its impact on society at large.

This webinar introduces strategies you can adopt as an author to explain to broad audiences why your findings are important and how your work contributes to society. We will discuss the benefits of science communication in maximizing research impact, demonstrate the different content formats you can use to share your work, and offer you practical examples of what your peers are doing to increase the visibility of their work.

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Thursday, 26th  October2017
1:30 PM UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language : English

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Researchers in academia from scientific, technical, engineering, and medical disciplines; early career and multidisciplinary researchers; senior scientists; university research impact offices and communication/media cells

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Note that the webinar will be conducted in English. 

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