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Ensuring quality English language in your scientific paper 

Wednesday 14th March, 10:00 am UTC 

David Kipler is a specialist in biomedical communications for pharmaceutical companies, journals, and authors. His professional focus is helping researchers whose first language is not English to reach a larger audience.

After receiving a BA in history from the State University of New York at Buffalo, David relocated to Japan and has been working with biomedical researchers there and in other countries for more than 20 years. David obtained his certification as an Editor in the Life Sciences in 2005. In addition, he has acquired extensive experience as an instructor in English reading and writing and English for Medical Purposes: he was a member of the Toho University Faculty of Medicine for 14 years and has held faculty appointments at top universities in Japan, including The University of Tokyo and Keio University School of Medicine.

David has long been involved in biomedical publishing and has served as language editor for several journals in Japan, including the Journal of Epidemiology. David has written and presented on English education in Japanese medical universities, medical terminology, and professional development for biomedical communicators and is coauthor of the Medical English Listening Course for ALC NetAcademy. He is a member of the American Medical Writers Association, the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences, and the Japan Society for Medical English Education.

David Kipler
Academic publication trainer & consultant

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@ Dr. B Sevinç MESBAH
Asst. Prof., School of Foreign Languages ,
Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey


It was an excellent training full of information on how to write a scientific article. The examples used in the presentation were very good.

@ Onur Sercinoglu
Research Assistant, Bioengineering Department ,Marmara University


@ Azade Yelten
Research Assistant, Materials Engineering , Istanbul Technical University



I gained valuable information about research publication process and oral presentation at Editage workshop

I found the workshop really beneficial. I hope to attend all workshops of Editage within Turkey! Thank you.

Do you struggle with sharing your research in English? Do you feel that because of the language barrier your readers may not understand the intended meaning or essence of your study findings? This session will focus on pitfalls you may encounter while constructing sentences and how to avoid these mistakes?

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Wednesday 14th  March
10:00 am UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language : English

Who is this webinar for?

Researchers and doctoral students who want to overcome the language barrier and communicate their science effectively in English

Why should you attend?

English is the predominant language of science communication, and its influence continues to grow. Most international journals with a wide global readership are printed in English. As a result, most authors aim to publish in English journals. When submitting to an English journal, manuscripts with poor English can put researchers at a disadvantage and delay the publication of research.

As language is an area most non-native English researchers struggle with, in this webinar, the trainer will discuss some common language-related errors, such as sentence fragments, faulty modification, comma splices, run-on sentences, faulty parallelism, that authors make as they draft their manuscripts. Apart from tips to avoid these errors, the trainer will also provide guidance to authors on the correct use of verb tenses, paraphrasing and active and passive voice in scientific writing.

Overall, this webinar will make you aware of language and grammar related mistakes you should avoid making when writing your manuscript for an English journal.

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